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EOS Token : Day 28 : Boxmining – EOS Report – Bitcoin pull back – Bitconnect Scam – Lazer Online

Good morning it Today is day Let's see one second There is a 28 day off He was talking and I made so far a hundred forty US dollar, but there is a pullback on you

I mean on BTC Bitcoin that's why I dropped all the way to a hundred thirty-five But I have over a hundred forty-five, so you can see a hundred forty or 142 445 but so far all thing is a red red on this chart a Meeting nice and my Bitcoin is increasing with my trading It was nice as we see but he He was talking words around $2 and 76 us Cent unless we see here

We have a pullback because What we say like what I say before we have a Bitcoin coming backward As we see here Bitcoin drop all around nine thousand seven hundred Eighty five it was around 11:30 Sorry And I want to say regarding that today YouTube is a Coming with you from boxing mining mining blocks of money Have a good news You can check it out and I prefer my advice regarding him you need to check him out He's a good Youtuber is a nice you need to check him out and me See what is advice not advice what he's thinking about market and everything and He spoke about us, you can see here He was status, so that's why I decided to What we secure what I want to say I decided to just show you he's a good youtuber here is a good bringing in news regarding the US another topic but My point what we have today regarding US We have a major pullback because the bit here and Affecting the price of the us talking, but if you are smart, and you know what to do You you you buy low sell high That you need to do right now Data what I'm doing

I'm getting my every time you have a sellout you need to it You will get way way much better with the BTC so far You can see here if you check my last video It was alone, but that is my advice the pullback is started so Prepare for your extra money Thank you for watching and see you next video

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