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Octoin Investments
There are a number of purple flags surrounding Octoin. One of the largest crimson flags, however, is the promised hobby costs. The organization claims to pay customers 30% Roi consistent with month, each month, assured. Users are paid a minimal each day interest rate of one%.

We can’t discover any proof that all and sundry have correctly withdrawn money from the platform, or that Octoin has paid everyone.

Obviously, the crypto network is domestic to some of the comparable investment schemes. Scams like Bitconnect are infamous for advertising and marketing ridiculous ROIs while being constructed on a pyramid scheme-like structure doomed to fall apart. Octoin might also look like a valid organization at the beginning glance, however, its investment programs make it appear to be a scam.

In any case, Octoin encourages customers to deposit cryptocurrencies into the platform, then earn enormous rewards. Your money is purportedly used for “trading” and “mining”. However, like Bitconnect and similar scams, it appears not likely your cash is used for any valid investment purposes.

Until Octoin releases greater transparency about the way it achieves 30% ROI per month, every month, we’re pressured to count on it’s a funding rip-off or Ponzi scheme.

Who’s Behind Octoin?
Octoin claims that it was founded in early 2016 “because of the merger of the most powerful investor’s team from the United Kingdom and Singapore, and the creators of the most important mining pools from the northwestern provinces of China.”

Octoin claims to have key contributors to the group located worldwide, along with within the UK, Germany, Poland, France, China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey.

The company’s website features a registration report listed Octoin Limited as a non-public restrained enterprise within the UK underneath corporation quantity 10908068. The organization lists a cope within London (90 Long Acre), although we will locate any proof that Octoin is truly placed at that cope with.

Octoin is registered to a man named Matt Blunt, indexed as the “director” of the company.

Octoin Conclusion
Octoin is an uncommon website. The site appears to be legitimate at the start look. It seems to provide valid marketplace statistics and cryptocurrency analysis. However, there are some uncommon matters approximately the website – like a loss of transparency around the mining operations, and no transparency over who’s at the back of the business enterprise or why they’re qualified to handle your cash.

The company additionally advertises investments that pay guaranteed returns of 30% or extra consistent with the month (1% or more according to day). Obviously, scams like Bitconnect are notorious for promoting funding packages like this – notwithstanding the reality that few humans are ever capable of withdrawing their money from the platform.

You can also want to wait for more information approximately Octoin to pop out online. Right now, most of the statistics we are able to discover on-line or on the respective website is written in damaged English or is poorly explained.

The facts we do see online makes it appear to be Octoin is greater of a pyramid scheme or investment rip-off than a legitimate funding possibility. Unless Octoin’s crew releases extra records approximately itself and its commercial enterprise version, we’re brought about count on that it’s


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